I'm Adriaan and I have been buying and selling vintage gear for 20 + years.  Prior to the World Wide Web I sold wholesale to dealers across the country via telephone.  In the late 90's I started AmazingGuitars.com with a partner.  The site was probably the first "online only/virtual" guitar shop in the NYC area.  Amazing Guitars specialized in the oddball 60's and 70's Japanese house brands.

Like a lot of things in life the site didn't last forever and I moved back to Florida.  However, once a collector and re-seller always a collector and re-seller. Today I sell off pieces of my hoarded collection on Ebay and Reverb.  This time around the focus is on (but not limited to) 80's and early 90's Japanese and Korean house brands.

In this blog my plan is to write about tales from the thrills of the hunt and the gear I enjoy. I've got stories on top of stories about guitar hunts, gear, and players of.  Most of them are actually positive too, so stay tuned.