Thursday, August 10, 2017

BOOMER ALERT the National GA97T - one little fun amp!

If you are a Baby Boomer you probably recall your first practice amp options to of been from the Sears Catalog.  Something made of Melamine like a Sears 5XLGA410 by Gretsch (BION), or a Silvertone 1482 if you were lucky.

Sears 5XL

Gretsch GA410

Silvertone 1482

Some were bonafide tube amps. Some were early Solid State transistor technology. Others were FET Transistor technology like the National GA97T.  The "T" stands for TREMOLO btw.


FET stands for FEILD EFFECT TRANSISTOR.  What is the difference between a traditional simple old regular transistor and a FET or even a MOSFET? Well, it's complicated.  Here is a very good read on the differences if you have a minute.
 good read
Regardless of the type of transistor in the National GA97T the secret to the tone must be the tremolo and how it sings through the little 8" Pioneer speaker.  LOL

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