Sunday, April 2, 2017

Looking for that rare FUZZ BOX for someone with everything?

Like a 60's FUZZ BOX do you?  You've got the UNICORD Super Fuzz, the DALLAS-ARBITER Fuzz Face, the other SHIN-EI Super Fuzzes, even a EH Big Muff or two.  Now what?  What else is there with that authentic rare germanium tone?


Why the UMI BUZZ TONE & VOLUME EXPANDER that's what!

The UMI is unique to itself.  It can sound like a 60's FUZZ BOX as well as an early FUZZ/OCTAVE pedal.  Since it uses real germanium capacitors and was built in the USA it is the real deal.


It's not a household name by any means.  That's probably because it's not an eye-catching box.  It's just a simple heavy duty aluminium and steel box with little or no graphics.

If you were asked to spot a UMI in a lineup you'd probably pass right by it and go right to the Super Fuzzes.


"The 1970s Buzz Tone/Volume Expander built by UMI International, Farmingdale, NY. Killer fuzz tone."

Three controls

VOLUME : Is always active and provides a volume boost type of control. Really cranks (EXPANDS) the volume when you turn it up.

 : Seems to mix the clean and buzz sounds for more or less distortion.

 : Adjusts the intensity of the distortion from slight to all fuzz.

 : Turns on and off the Buzz (Fuzz) Tone.

BATTERY CONDITION : This meter lets you know if your battery needs changing.

Keep on Truckin' and Stompin'!

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