Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Eleca Big Muff copy and Ebay mistake buy gone right

You know how it goes.  You have a few beers.  You hit the Ebay searches again.  You get a pedal in the mail a week later.  

Where did this pedal come from? This is not my pedal? This is not my beautiful... (you get the rest).

Well, this it what happened just the other week.  I am now the proud owner of an ELEKA EDS-1 Sovtek/EH copy.  

As you can see, it looks strikingly familiar to the Sovtek/EH Big Muff.  
This must have been what caught my eye. Along with the familiar looking name ELECA (like ELKA).

ELKA (aka Unicord - see Super Fuzz) is a brand name of a vintage Organ manufacturer.  Once in a while, one might see a sustain pedal in a Pawn Shop.  They are cool looking but unless you have an Organ it's worthless.

ELECA is a cheap knock off brand Made In China.  Like JOYO and other Chinese pedals.  They are made and sold cheaply on Amazon and pretty good for the money.  The ELECA ESD-1 turns out to have the same circuit as the Sovtek/EH Big Muff.  It sounds a lot like the Big Muff as well.  However, I'm sure if you get into it and look further (as purists do) you may find cheap parts.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a good $30 pedal.  Then go for it! I'm keeping mine.

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