Monday, November 28, 2016

The Silvertone 658 Archtop - Tom Petty's first guitar?


According to legend Tom Petty's first guitar was a Silvertone 658 archtop.  That must of been back in the early 60's when he lived in Gainesville, Florida picking out Elvis tunes on the car radio.  Way before Mudcrutch or the Heartbreakers came around.  


The Silvertone 658 was introduced in 1963 through the Sears Catalog for a mere $24.95.  It originally had dot fret markers. The markers were modified to a block look in 1966.  The fretboard had a faux finish tiger stripe finish. Which was similar to a furniture faux found on antique Empire items.  The black paint was a departure from Silvertone's usual Tobaccoburst Cowboy look.  It's no wonder Tom picked it.  Because it just looks COOL (like Tom Petty).  



If you have not seen the Runnin' Down A Dream documentary yet.  It is strongly advised to do so.  The life and times of Tom and the music industry is a must see. While you are at it check out Mudcrutch!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gibson GB 400 or Thunderfunk Bass Amp?

Did you know the famous bass amp maker David Funk of Thunderfunk Amps was involved with Gibson at some point in his career?  Well, it's true.  In fact, that was way back in the early 90's.  One of his famous Gibson branded bass amps is the Gibson GB 440.

It looks a bit similar to the ThunderFunk TFB800 B2 doesn't it?

Both amps are probably the best ever built.  If you want clear straight to the point tone.  Both amps do the job and then some.  

If you are a collector and want an inside tip on the "sleepers".  The Gibson GB 440 is an affordable option.  It is very rare and some even have a TF serial number to look for.  This a bass amp that will rise to the occasion.


 Buy this amp!

In fact, here is a link to one for sale and a video too.

It's that time?