Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Harmony H162 and a War Hero

Sometimes the history of a particular item follows the item.  Like an antique pocket watch, that was stowed away in a crevis during the War. Then given to the son of a fallen Soldier.  

This 1960's Harmony H162 came with one that has to be shared.

The story:

This guitar was found at a big junk shop in Sarasota, FL.  In fact, I've seen it there off and on for years (in its present condition).  This time around I asked about it.  The Old Man (WWII Vet) that owns the place told me it was a gift to him from Little Jimmy Dickens via Gino King.  Apparently,  Gino hung out down there many years ago and walked in one day and said, "Jimmy says to give this to you".  From there his son played it and then smashed it while high. Maybe he was tired of hearing the story of how it came about?

Little Jimmy

I don't know if it's true or not.  Heck, I'm not even sure it's a real story.  However, he was so adamant about it that is was convincing. I should have asked more about the connection of their relationship. I did look up Jimmy and Gino and they are the famous Country and Western players from the Opry.  I just wish Gino gave him his famous double neck Moserite instead.  

Found Condition:
  • smashed at the Casbah 
  • entire side of the body is broken
  • top actually looks OK-a few dings but not cracked and is flat
  • binding actually looks OK
  • back looks good but has a chunk missing
  • not sure how straight the neck is - might be useful
  • logo looks good  
  • is missing pickguard and tuners
  • bridge looks OK
Info from harmony Database:
models H162
Acoustic flatop - Natural
Production year(s) : 1940-1971 (other years possible, not verified)
Spruce or Cedar top (on some late models) - Stenciled rosette from 1971 - Mahogany version is H165 - older models (before ca. 57') had a different, more rounded "figure eight" body, and a "pinless" bridge. Very early models (before 1942) were sold among the "Master" line, as evidenced by the headstock logo - A very popular model, with at least 30 years of production time !

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