Monday, August 22, 2016

Vintage Aria FL-10 Flanger Made in Japan SC-FI Crazy Pedal!

Question:What is better than the FL-9? 

Answer: The FL-10!

The FL-10 is a vintage early Flanger effect pedal from the early 80's. It is very spacey sci-fi sounding and is quite unique.  If you are a fan of the crazy psychedelic sounds of today then this is for you!


  • Rate
    controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
  • Rate
    (speed for stage 2)
  • Depth
    controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation (the size of the range in which the effect sweeps).
  • Feedback
    sets the amount of effected signal fed back into the effect (for a stronger effect)
  • Manual
    sets the position of the effect when the LFO is in the center position or controls the effect when the LFO is switched off
  • 2 Stage (On/Off) press the pedal for options

  • Cool Factors:
    -MN3027 chip
    -made in japan in the 80's
    -very sci-fi
    -stereo (awesomely so in fact)
    -very crazy sound options (many to choose from)
    -unique as all get out

    Sunday, August 14, 2016

    Rare Old School Beat Machine: Electro Harmonix DRM-15

    The rare and hard to find functioning Vintage Electro Harmonix DRM-15 Digital Rhythm Machine drum machine in classic vintage EH housing pedal format. 

    It comes from around the year 1982.  It makes Old School Hip Hop type beats like The Korg Mini Pops.  

    With the addition of the "Space Drum" switch.  The "Space Drum" is like an early synth drum type sound.  

    like that of a "Syndrum".  Think the intro to You Dropped A Bomb On Me by The Gap Band

    Cool Factors:
    • awesome Old School Hip Hop type sounds
    • Space Drum sound
    • real time beats (no pestey Midi)
    • uses 1/4" jacks like a guitar
    • any EH collectors must have
    • version 01

    • 15 Patterns (somewhat editable)
    • Space Drum (on/off Switch)
    • Foot Switch Off/On
    • Output 1
    • Output 2
    • Bass Out
    • 110 US plug

    If you'd like to buy one Look Here.

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