Sunday, July 10, 2016

Aria Pro II Electric Boogaloo (Fullerton Sleeper/Next Wave Alert)

The Aria Pro II Fullerton Strat from the 90's.  

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Rumor has it that some were made in Japan.  Some were made in the USA. Others were made in Korea.  Some folks say they were all made in the USA. Does it matter when the guitar is made well and plays silky smooth?  

Cool Factors:
  • Made in one of 3 countries known for quality builds
  • Think Samick, Matsumoku, Mexican/Japanese made Fender Strats
  • Think Ibanez Talman too (also was made in Japan and other places)
  • Gotoh Tuners
  • Crazy cool pickguard design
  • Cool Trans Green to Black fade Finish
  • Next Wave collectable 
  • Sleeper Alert
These guitars are plenty awesome!  You cannot walk into a shop and walk away with a better guitar for $200 (or less).  Add on some kind of Vintage Value and you have a score.  

Prediction: The Aria Pro II Fullerton is in the "Next Wave" collectable category.  Get them while you can. 

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