Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pedal-O-The Moment - Ibanez PT-909 Phase Tone

Ever feel like jamming on Van Halen's Eruption?  Well, at least giving it a try anyway. 


How about doing a Windmill with some big sweeping open chords like Pete Townshend


Not a rocker? How about chillin' on the dark side of moon with 
some laid back David Gilmour Pink Floyd type strums?


Even if you say no to all.  This pedal will dare you to try.


Brand: Ibanez
Model: PT-909 Phase Tone
Series: 808
Era: Late 70's-Early 80's
Made in: Japan
Effect: Phaser
Chip: MC1458P


Take a listen:

Cool Factors:
  • Square button
  • Same family as the sought after early Tube Screamers (808 Series)
  • Awesome tone
  • Power blue
  • Made In Japan
  • Maxon and Greco family tree

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