Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vintage Harmony H6740 Acoustic Guitar or H162?

Ever hear of a Harmony H6740?

Or is this a H162?
Here is a Vintage Harmony Acoustic Guitar that looks to be from the 50's.  However, it is most likely from 1978.  The Serial Number is 2012H6740.  The "S-date" is blurred from the Finish work but it may say "S-78?.  That would make it built in 1978.  The H6740 should make identify it as a model: H6740. 

My H6740 or H162?  Which is it?

However, I can't find any info on a H6740.  So either that is some weird model that is not yet filed (which is possible).  Or this means it's another model more known.  Like the H162, which it looks the most like.  However, the H162's that are usually referred to have Spruce or Hardwood tops, and they are from the 60's or older.  I'm not sure about the wood on this top (since it is painted and from the 70's).

See the Harmony Database

A H162 with Spruce top

Cool Factors:
  • Vintage 50's-esc Harmony/Silvertone goodness 
  • Great Tobacco-burst finish
  • Plays well
  • Made in USA
  • Waverly tuners 

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